zef zef zef été 2016 t-shirt fille Mariu rouge cayenne coton pima

T-shirt Mariu cayenne étoiles argent


 The red cayenne Mariu t-shirt is available from size 2 years to size 12 years.

The zef Mariu t-shirt is a t-shirt with short sleeves and a round neck . Only the bust is printed silver stars, zef emblem.

The t-shirt zef girl red cayenne Mariu is completely made of pima cotton from Peru. The pima cotton is renowned worldwide for its durability, but also for its purity makes it hypoallergenic because it does not support any chemical treatment. This is called cotton silk Andes because it is extremely sweet . The pima cotton is still harvested by hand which makes this rare material ecological cotton and eco -friendly.

Composition of children’s clothing 100% pima cotton.

UGS : E16ZTSHIMARIU MC Catégories : , Étiquette :

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